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Statement of Purpose

Agape Family Fellowship is a family worship center, committed to proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ, to families and individuals,  in the surrounding areas, with dynamic worship services, sound biblical teaching, missions outreaches and endeavors.

Our passion is to help people rise above their present circumstances, and to grow and mature into what God's desire is for them; IE, the fullness of christ.

-Pastors Dennis and Judy Moyer (founding pastors)


The Vision for Agape Family Fellowship

1. Our church is to be a family worship center for all ages.

2. Our church is to be a christian education center, giving bible based instruction in daily living in God's Kingdom, in the areas of finances, homemaking, child training, family relationships, etc.

3. Our church is to be a healing center, ministering healing in the areas of:

- The human body

-The human emotions

-The human spirit

4. Our church is to be an evangelistic outreach into this community and into the area and regions beyond.

5. Our church is to be a body with a heart to prepare workmen, to send them as individuals and as teams into the harvest fields of the world, both here at home and abroad.